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Sound Cloud of "Just The Beginning" by Batskull94
Check it out, guys!…
I have a feeling we are going to learn a lot about her, maybe even her real name!!
AMKitsune has recently been working on a Prequel mod for Skyrim and it's nearly complete!!!  However, this being his first mod, he has no idea if it will even run properly on other computers.  Would anybody be willing to help him test the mod of Skyrim for PC before public release?
Hey Prequel lover,
I just wanted to get a poll on your screen sizes so the members who would like to make wallpapers know what to size them. I would make a poll, but in order to add that widget I'd have to throw $60 into this group to upgrade it to Super, and that is something that I don't have XD. Go ahead and COMMENT PLEASE! I need some resolutions!
It's cartoon khajiit! ;P

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